What is Buildingbling?

Buildingbling is a profile based online portal specialized in connecting users seeking to find construction products, services, and information with the right sources that provide it.

Who are the Users of Buildingbling?

Buildingbling is used by professionals in the Construction, Engineering and Built Environment world.

Why use Buildingbling?

Buildingbling allows users to search and find their exact construction related requirements or showcase their products and services in a familiar and structured manner. It facilitate the sharing of information, know-how and its sources. It allows users to Vet Products, services, and organization prior to engaging them and benchmark using feedback from other professionals in the field.

How to get started on Buildingbling?

To get started on Buildingbling you must first create a profile through our simple registration process. You must select 1 of 5 different profile types (Vendor, Consultant, contractor, Developer, Private Owner) and proceed in customizing your profile.

What type of information is posted on a Buildingbling profile?

A Buildingbling profile includes Company Profile, Product Catalogue or Works & Services, Previous & Ongoing Projects, and news posts.

What are the main search types on Buildingbling’s Search Engine and how is the database structured?

There are 6 Main search categories related to construction and the built environment on our optimized search engine and which include Vendors, Consultant, Contractors, Developers, Products, and Services. Depending on the search type selected the search engine allows the users to go into further industry specific subcategories and which include Work Category, Intended Work, and Product/Service Category.

Can I filter my search results further?

Our optimized search engine allows users to filter the search results by location where the products and services and available or by the territory of business of the respective company. The results are also segregated by product, service, and company as the case maybe.

What is the Product Compare Feature?

The product Compare Feature allows users to compare up to 4 products side by side. This feature is established to assist users in their decision making process.

Is content posted on a profile directly visible by all Buildingbling users?

No, any content posted is checked by Buildingbling to ensure that no inappropriate material is posted prior to being made available to the public.

Can access be allowed by more than one user to a single profile?

Yes, Using the Manage Company Users feature the profile administrator may give access to multiple users with defined privileges.

What is the Connect Feature?

Connect allows you to create connection with other companies on buildingbling and follow their news on Newswire.

How can we contact other companies on Buildingbling?

Buildingbling provides an internal messaging system that you can use directly from the portal for all registered users. Alternatively each company provides its contact information on its profile which you may opt to use.

How do I cancel my account if I no longer want to keep it?

Using the Settings tab you can deactivate your account any time.