How to Service your AC Unit


Having lived through summer in the Middle East, you develop a new found respect for your Home Air Conditioning Units. Whether this respect stems from appreciation or just plain fear servicing your AC units before the summer season can help eliminate breakdowns which seem to always happen at night or during the weekend. In this article, we highlight the items to be checked when servicing a split Air Conditioning Unit.

Parts of a Split AC System

A Split AC is made up of 2 units, the outdoor unit, and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit producesClean AC coil filter cooling by means of a compressor and condenser coils. The indoor unit transforms this cooling into cold air by removing heat from the surrounding air via evaporator and pushing it into the desired space to be cooled.

Servicing the Outdoor Unit

Before starting any servicing you must ensure that the power switch for the unit is turned off.

Start by cleaning the Condenser Filters and removing any debris, dust, and Sand. The condensers are the main radiators and their job is to dissipate the heat. If the filter is blocked this function cannot be achieved.  Use a power-sprayer to ensure the filters are fully cleaned. We also recommend that you use Foam Coil Cleaner. Check the Condenser Fan and make sure it is rotating smoothly. Add lubricant if needed.

Check the level of coolant gas pressure. The gas provides the effective cooling which cannot be achieved if the level of gas is low. Drops in Levels could be as a result of a leak which needs to be located and repaired. The quality of the gas is important to ensure its stability and consistency. Make sure you are getting good quality gas before any top-up.

Check AC Gas level

Filter Dryers keep the gas dry so that it can be effective in its job. This filter must be checked for proper operation and that there is no blockage.

The Compressor is responsible for circulating the coolant in the system under pressure. Check the electrical and mechanical condition of the compressor.

Servicing the Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is usually located over the false ceiling and is accessible through the service panel. ThesAC service Filter cleane units are also wall hung in some cases. The indoor unit is also referred to as the Evaporator.

Clean the Evaporator air filter with soap and water after tapping to remove excess dust. Cleaning the Evaporator air filter ensures unobstructed airflow through the unit. The filter should also be disinfected using the soap and water to ensure good quality air by eliminating bacteria. Removal of the filter should not be difficult but consult the unit’s manual if you face difficulty.

Check for damage to fan blowers or noise from the fan motors.  Realign the fan motor and tighten the mounts.

Check for blocked evaporator wastes/drains.  This is caused by dirt build up from the evaporator and should be cleared. Failing to do so can lead to water leakage.  Clean the Evaporator Trays from dirt and grease and disinfect to avoid bacteria growth.


Keeping your AC maintained not only avoids you the horror of a breakdown during summer, it also saves you money on energy and extends the lifespan of your unit. If you are not one for doing such tasks yourself you can easily check the maintenance section at to acquire the services of a professional technician. In all cases, you should ensure that your technician covers the points stated above which if done correctly should take up to an hour per AC.

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