Project Mobilization Checklist

Gearing up for a successful mobilization is one of the essential steps in delivering a construction project. In order to achieve this, there is a list of tasks that need to be completed which vary depending on the size and scale of the project. This includes items such as assigning the team, completing Administrative Requirements, setting up Temporary Construction,  Construction Facilities, obtaining Temporary Utilities, Construction Aids, and Temporary Barriers and Enclosures, among others.

Mobilization Checklist

Having a checklist for items to be completed goes a long way in organizing the mobilization process and ensures that all tasks are accomplished in time. Below we present a comprehensive Checklist that may be amended to suit your unique project.

            Executive Management

  • Allocate Site Staff including project manager and site team

            Administration & Special Procedures

  • Obtain Building Permit and Affectation Plan from Municipality or Relevant Authority
  • Apply for demarcation and obtain accurate building lines/benchmark from Municipality
  • Apply and obtain approval from authorities for Temporary electricity if applicable, otherwise, arrange for generators
  • Apply and obtain approval from authorities for Temporary water meter if applicable, otherwise, arrange for water tanks and plumbing work
  • Apply and obtain temporary telephone, fax, and internet lines
  • Collect Municipality drawings
  • Complete all procedures to activate project insurances

            Project Management

  • Prepare Mobilization plan and circulate copies of the Programme to relevant parties for implementation.
  • Prepare Method Statement for project mobilization
  • Apply for temporary site fencing permit.
  • Construct site fencing
  • Provide Client, Contractor, Consultant site offices
  • Supply and erect Project Identification (sign boards)
  • Provide mess facility for Labour, toilet block, and ablution block, including septic tank and connect to temporary main
  • Provide Equipment Schedule indicating quantity and KW rating of the selected equipment for the site facility requirements for load
  • Obtain Performance Bond (if applicable) and submit
  • Obtain Advance Payment Guarantee (if applicable) and submit
  • Submit site staff CVs to the Client/Consultant and obtain approval

            Technical Requirements

  • Submit and obtain approval for Laydown Area plan with details.
  • Submit Material and Shop Drawing logs and obtain approval
  • Stamp Construction Drawings and Documents
  • Prepare and maintain Drawing Control logs

           Planning Requirements

  • Submit Baseline Program with Material Procurement Schedule, Shop Drawing Schedule, Labour Histograms to Consultant for approval.
  • Where required, prepare Cash Flow and Equipment Schedules in conjunction with project team

          QA/QC Requirements

  • Prepare and Submit the Project Specific Quality Plan
  • Obtain approval of the Project Specific Quality Plan by the Client/Consultant
  • Prepare and Submit the General Method Statement
  • Obtain approval of the General Method Statement by the Client/Consultant

          HSE Requirements

  • Submit Project Specific HSE Plan.
  • Obtain Approval for Project Specific HSE Plan.
  • Ensure latest & applicable HSE legislation are available at Site

          Site Stores

  • Set up Site Stores
  • Prepare list of material for approval and procurement

         Construction Plant, Tools, and Equipment

  • Prepare required project Construction Plant, Tools, and Equipment list
  • Obtain the necessary road permits/security passes for vehicles involved in mobilization.
  • Obtain the equipment required for the mobilization
  • Setup workshop facility for minor repairs on site or arrange external service
  • Deploy drivers, operators & technical manpower for project mobilization
  • Erect Construction Aids (Temporary Cranes, Temporary Hoists, Temporary Scaffolding, and Platforms)



Getting off to the right start certainly puts you in a better position to successfully complete your construction project. To ensure your team and site setup is ready for the works you must plan your mobilization carefully and ensure that tasks are not missed or delayed. The mobilization checklist above aims to establish the basis for your mobilization plan to achieve a successful outcome.


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