About us

Buildingbling is an online portal specialized in connecting users seeking to find construction products and services with the right sources that provide it. Whether you are a vendor, a contractor, a consultant, a developer, or an individual looking to find or showcase construction products and services, Buildingbling is your tool. Our portal is designed in a familiar and structured manner based on industry standards. We aim to save you the time and money wasted in making wrong selections in sourcing your construction products and services by providing you with a platform that allows the user to vet products and services, their suitability for your intended use, the profiles of those providing them, and the feedback of those that have used them before. 


Our Mission is based on the following principles:

•  To use the power of the Internet and social media to create an instantly accessible bridge between sources of construction knowledge and those that seek it.

•  To provide users with a platform, which allows them to search and find their exact construction related requirements or showcase their products and services in a familiar and structured manner. 

•  To facilitate the sharing of information, know how and its sources.


Our Vision is to become the Main portal for seeking and finding construction products and services and exchanging construction information and industry know how.